People be like, “I’m sad,” And I’m like:


So much in the works this week, and looking forward to the coming weeks.  Sometimes the uncertainty can eat you alive, and sometimes it keeps you alive.  It’s a funny and fine balance.  Look forward to updating you all soon.  Keep your ojos peeled.

Photo by:  Joe Gunawan



Screen Shot 2018-07-25 at 9.17.53 PM

#CrazyRichAsians is out today in theaters.  It is great to hear that there is forward movement in our industry and community.  The question now is how far can we take it, and can we use the momentum, or will we trip and fall?  Are we prepared?

I’ve been working on my feature “STUCK” for a while now, and am taking those meetings to push it forward.  Lets hope it doesn’t stop at one, and it doesn’t stop with RICH people.  My legal team and I are ready to go when the people are!  Leggo!

Goodbye 2017. Hello, Today.


This new year is a welcome change.  Last year showed a bit of progress, but was emotionally taxing.  This year got started on the right foot, and I take that as a sign.  I have been working on a pitch deck for my script, and will be pushing that forward with as much force as I can provide it.  I’ve booked a little part in a feature that shoots this Friday, and am looking wide-eyed into the year ahead.

Wherever you are, send me your good vibes, as they are needed and appreciated.  XO.


50K Indie Thriller


Filming has just wrapped on our indie thriller, 50K, directed by the amazing Marc Martinez, and produced by the awesome Patrick Thomas.  Here’s a Behind-The-Scenes shot as we rehearsed and blocked material.

I play one of the ensemble leads, Reiko.  I have been so blessed to have been offered the opportunity to be part of this experience.  It has been hands down one of the best of my life, and I look forward to more good times.

It Hurts So Good.


I just finished WRITING a feature film.  And I’m very proud of it, which I hesitate to say about many of the things in my life.  Not because I suck, but because I hold high standards.  In an industry where I being Female, Ethnic, and petite-  all things I have no power over- can often work against me, I will not let them lose sight of me that easily.  Whatever it takes, I’ll work for it, and if it means 4 or 5 o’clock nights… Fuck. Count me in.

This picture is of a reading with 6 actors (and Me) of my feature script.  It’s a dark comedy, that will make you laugh, make you feel like shit for about 5 minutes, and then make you feel awesome again.  But it’s like a “good shit” feeling… like it’ll hurt so good.