The Freezing Desert.


I think it’s funny how the desert is typically associated with the beating hot sun, and on this particular day it was f*king freezing.  Expect the unexpected.  The quiet ones roar the loudest.  I look effortlessly relaxed, but that took effort.

Choose BOLD.


I was in Nashville last week, having some spicy chicken at “Hattie B’s”, where the seating is hot and scarce.  As I scoped a group with napkins in their chicken baskets, I approached and asked if I could join them until they left and I scooped up their table.  One of the guys said to me “Fortune favors the bold!”  I took it to heart, and he doesn’t even know.  Bold.  BOLD.  BOLD.  New MO.

But not obnoxiously bold, because fuck obnoxious people.



New headshots.  I hope these shots will stick out in the piles on piles of photos the casting teams see.  I hope my eyes WOO them… Calllllllllll meeeeeeeee, boooooooooook meeeeeee.

It’s been a HOT and busy couple of weeks.  My favorite thing about it is having been so focused on prepping for the next audition, that I haven’t had time to worry about how the last ones went.  It’s nice living with a little less worry and a little more hope.  Cheers mother fuckers!

The Golden Silence

I know I’ve been a bit quiet.  I’m the sort that likes to work silently until I’ve got something of value to share.  In the last few months, I wrote a feature screenplay, wrote 8 episodes of a web project, shot three of those episodes, changed management, and been called back for several commercials.  These are all good things, but I’m still working on pushing forward.  Send me your good vibes, and spare a prayer for patience for me.


Erin v. 26.5.0

IMG_5430I’m always writing, re-creating, and trying new things.  Myself is no different.  This is Erin v. 26.5.0, it’s got some new features and upgrades, a few tweaks on the new model, and it’s going to take 2016 by the balls.  Be excited.