Shots are In!!!

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I am a clothing junky.  I love wearing clothes, and I love modeling them :).  New styles excite me!  Designers and Photographers contact me with your lines and your concepts!

Photographer:  Dan Vang;  Make-up:  Jasmine Lee;  Hair:  Stephon London;

Stylist:  Francis Lam

Turning a Pigeon into a Peacock: Training

I’ve been building up my acting abilities by training with an awesome coach, Doug Warhit.  While I’ve always been considered to be an expressive and relatable person, it wasn’t enough to make me a great actor.  It was a good place to start, but what I needed was a talent for Portrayal; to be able to express and relate whether or not the words and feelings were my own.  God gave me a pigeon and I’m going to turn it into a peacock.  Some say it can’t be done…

I say, “Watch me.

Jinro, You Know. SPEC-Ad

A couple of weeks ago, I was asked to help out on a last-minute SPEC-ad for Jinro brand Soju.  It was my friend’s first producing gig and I was called up the night before the shoot and decided to join the fun.  My job was to create some realistic-looking PDA.  It was a good effort by the team and totally worth sharing.

Webseries: Romance of the Three Kitchens (R3K)

Romance of the Three Kitchens is a web-series I’ve been a part of since it’s creation in May.  It is the result of the unlikely and unique smooshing-together of storytelling and homecooked Chinese cuisine.  In this particular episode, I describe my wild nights gallivanting around a Hollywood Hotel lost-and-found and finding a clusterf*ck of random items.

You can find the recipe for this dish as well as most of the other dishes on the show at the official site:  Follow them and tell them I sent you.