Crazy Busy, Crazy Exhausted, Crazy Worth it!


GrrRRRrrRr I’m a z-Z-z-ZombieeeeEeEEEeee!!! Brainsssss! Making an appearance at the 626 Night Market!

It was an eventful weekend for me, which is always a good thing! Friday started off with a headshot session, and ended after shooting material for 2 of 3 SPEC commercials. Saturday began with an early-morning beach shoot, was producing one of the SPECs by noon, and then ended with a trip to the 626 Night Market in Arcadia, where they screened episodes of my web-series R3K (Romance of the Three Kitchens) throughout the night! And finally, today began with teaching a Sunday School class, and then an audition for a music video for a popular artist! Life is good!  More weekend quick shots if you ‘continue reading!’

Coffee shop SPEC production shot.
Fruit snack commercial partial cast and crew.



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