Manager:  Alex Czuleger & Amanda Waldhoff / The Green Room (323)285-0079

Agent:  Aur-Aelion Israel / Almond Talent (323) 934-5500 

Hi, I’m Erin.

I graduated college as a Biology major at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and worked in medical imaging before leaving to follow the call of destiny.  😉

I wish I was a child actor.  It’d have given me a good jump start, but I was a very impressionable youngster and it probably wouldn’t have ended up well.   I went the “traditional” route with 2 years of Calculus in high school, and then a major in Biology before finally living out my youthful angst and rebelling to become a bartender and an ACTRESS.  It’s worked out well for me. I’m a happier person, and all that pent up rage and repression serves the work.

While my vibes are fun and quirky topped off with a little bit of cheese, I also carry qualities of strength and tenacity that, while understated, are very evident.  I train continuously in acting with my coach, have studied Meisner Technique, Sitcoms, improv, Stella Adler, scene study, and trained in Commercial acting with Killian McHugh.  I pride myself in versatility and enjoy the challenge of believably immersing myself in all types of characters from the young and dumb, to the dark and evil, to the crazy neurotic, and the logical and smart types.

More recently, I’ve joined the writing side of film-making, and am shopping my feature film script while concurrently drafting my next.  My short film ‘Earth to Eden’, won “Best Script” in a Los Angeles based Film Festival, and I am excited to be moving forward from there.

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