Management:  April Baker / Stagecoach Entertainment  (310)395-9600

Agent:  Aur-Aelion Israel / Almond Talent (323) 934-5500 

Hi, I’m Erin.

I graduated college as a Biology major at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and worked in medical imaging before leaving to follow the call of destiny.  😉

I’d say I was a child actor, but that would be a load of bullshit.  I played in the church skit teams, sketch comedy theater, and even wrote terrible skits while I was in college, but still had no clue what the fuck I was doing.  I was a child with fantasies and no direction until I finally started training with my coach-  who is a golden unicorn.

While my style is fun and quirky topped off with a little bit of cheese, I also carry qualities of strength and tenacity that, while understated, are very evident.  I train continuously in acting with my coach, have studied Meisner Technique, Sit-coms, improv, Stella Adler, scene study, and trained in Commercial acting with Killian McHugh.  I passionately love acting and aim for perfection, but am willing to settle for consistent progression.

More recently, I’ve been experimenting in the writing, producing and directing side of film-making, and am thoroughly enjoying it.  My film ‘Earth to Eden’, won “Best Script” in a Los Angeles based Film Festival, and I am excited to be working on my first feature script.


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