Yes Please!!! First Kiss Auditions!

I had the honor of Auditioning for the now infamous viral video “First Kiss.”  I guess my audition didn’t go as well as they expected.  Check it out, on the YouTube page for Yes Please! Comedy.  It was a fun project to be a part of, and I definitely enjoyed making it!

Tea Leaves


I’ve got some new work up!  I co-wrote and shot this comedy short with my good friend Lawrence Kao and it was an amazing time.  When Sam’s friend, Kelly, tells her that Andre is about to die, Sam has to decide whether she will be true to herself, or let a good friend die lonely.  Hilariously funny, I hope you enjoy! Continue reading

And Now Presenting…

I proudly present one of my current projects, a webshow called, ‘Dicking Around with Erin and Peter‘!  I’ve always been interested in having a forum with which to share my thoughts and ideas, and also a place to express my silly side, and I have finally found it here.  My friend Peter Banifaz is a very talented actor and improviser and is genuinely one of the kindest people I know.

The introductory episode of Dicking Around gives a quick introduction to who we are, and also dives into current events, including the upcoming election. Enjoy!

P.S.  Would you bang Mitt Romney for $15 million dollars?!?!?!

Romance of the Three Kitchens: Betrayal


Word out!  My most recent episode of R3K is up.  I talk about a broken friendship while whipping up an awesome batch of stir-fried spicy chicken.  Watch and be inspired. 🙂  Recipes and teasers…and animated gifs… are available at

Webseries: Romance of the Three Kitchens (R3K)

Romance of the Three Kitchens is a web-series I’ve been a part of since it’s creation in May.  It is the result of the unlikely and unique smooshing-together of storytelling and homecooked Chinese cuisine.  In this particular episode, I describe my wild nights gallivanting around a Hollywood Hotel lost-and-found and finding a clusterf*ck of random items.

You can find the recipe for this dish as well as most of the other dishes on the show at the official site:  Follow them and tell them I sent you.