Character Samples

The following are selected character samples from recent tapings.  Passwords are provided in the tape descriptions.

Comedy/Dramedy:  Young, Quirky, Naive. CW type show.     Password: erin


Drama: 20’s strong but vulnerable, intelligent and guarded. Password: erin


Sitcom: 20’s, Girl next door with a little bit of edge.  A love interest for the leading man.  Password: erin


Young Adult Series: 17, Misunderstood teenage book nerd.  A bit of a loner.  Smart, vivacious, and determined to fall in love.  Password: erin


Drama: 20’s, Edgy, No-nonsense, Bartender. Vulnerable, but under a mask. Feature Film.  Password: erin


Comedy:  Impressionable, Millennial, Pot-shop clerk.   Password: erin


Drama/Dramedy: Early 20’s, Golden Child, Older sister, perfectionist, Pre-med student. Password: erin


Comedy:  Post-Apocalyptic hungry Zombie.  Webseries.  Password: erin


Character Comedy:  Boldly dressed, Fierce but Funny, Pirate Captain.  Password:  character


Sketch Comedy:  Possessed Psychic.     Password: character


Sketch Comedy: Influencer.    Password:  character