Eden’s Got Some M-Fkin’ Music!

FULLCUT_3_1920.Still015Music came in this week for the film I’ve been quietly working on.  Music is soooooo important, and as I put the scenes and the music together, I’ve been overwhelmed with a feeling of honor and gratitude that I could have such amazingly talented friends who could take the emotions that I wrote out on paper and transform them into music that so perfectly represents my intentions.  I am walking on clouds, swimming in a sea of love, and dancing on in a field of blessing.  It’s been such a long road for this passion project, but I couldn’t beg for anything more than what it has become.

Magnificent Monday

ETE_S1_filmstillToday was something of a Manic Monday, but it was a great way to start the week.  Worked with a great DP collecting pick-up shots for a project I’ve been working on and I’m looking forward to shooting again on Sunday.  Every day I get to spend acting is a true blessing.  I’m betting that this week has some more treasures coming for me, so I’m keeping my thoughts positive and my heart light.

Above is a sneak-peek at a scene in my coming film, Earth to Eden.  Life is f-king magnificent.

Walking the Lonely Road.

This industry is definitely a journey, and a lonely one at that.  It’s very difficult to find people with the passion to match my own.  I’m definitely choosing my allies carefully and so far, it seems that I am taking good steps forward.  I have a ton of ideas tucked up my sleeve, and I’m almost ready to pull them out and blow your mind.  Plans are being made.  This is going to be so much fun.  Who’s with me?!

The Next Big Thing: A REEL

I know my updates have been scarce this month, but there has definitely been a reason.  I wouldn’t present you with anything less than my best, hence I’ve been working really hard on putting together a quality reel.  With a good bit of help, I’ve finally put together a set that I’m proud of.  Looking forward to making this bad-boy even badder.

10th Shoot-tiversary

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I recently went out for my 10th shoot with my friend Brad.  He’s been exploring different styles of photography from varying film types, instant/polaroid film, and digital photography.  Brad is an awesome guy and wonderful photographer and it is always an honor and a joy to shoot with him.  Here are a few of the shots from that day.  🙂