The Next Big Thing: A REEL

I know my updates have been scarce this month, but there has definitely been a reason.  I wouldn’t present you with anything less than my best, hence I’ve been working really hard on putting together a quality reel.  With a good bit of help, I’ve finally put together a set that I’m proud of.  Looking forward to making this bad-boy even badder.


Romance of the Three Kitchens: Betrayal


Word out!  My most recent episode of R3K is up.  I talk about a broken friendship while whipping up an awesome batch of stir-fried spicy chicken.  Watch and be inspired. 🙂  Recipes and teasers…and animated gifs… are available at

Webseries: Romance of the Three Kitchens (R3K)

Romance of the Three Kitchens is a web-series I’ve been a part of since it’s creation in May.  It is the result of the unlikely and unique smooshing-together of storytelling and homecooked Chinese cuisine.  In this particular episode, I describe my wild nights gallivanting around a Hollywood Hotel lost-and-found and finding a clusterf*ck of random items.

You can find the recipe for this dish as well as most of the other dishes on the show at the official site:  Follow them and tell them I sent you.